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About The Village Groomer & Animal Inn

The Village Groomer & Animal Inn, Inc. provides a resort-style vacation for dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, and other exotics, by combining homelike amenities with recreational activity.

Mike and Renee Gee

Mike and Renee Gee

State-of-the-Art Pet Care Facilities & Service

Meet Our Staff

Setting the new standard for quality pet care.

After years of extensive research The Village Groomer & Animal Inn, Inc. was custom designed and constructed with one simple goal in mind: to be Clarksville’s premier pet care facility!

Every inch of the award-winning, 6000 square foot facility has professional reasoning behind it. From the spacious floor plans, specialized flooring and color schemes to the “pet-safe” landscape, the end results are cleaner, safer, and more comfortable conditions than traditional boarding kennels.

Our guest suites utilize separation materials, techniques, and technology to help minimize stress and noise factors. To prevent the spread of odors, airborne germs and contaminates, our ventilation system circulates air continuously with evenly distributed, draft-free fresh air – which is replaced multiple times per hour. Our climate control system ensures proper temperatures are maintained between 60-80 degrees with humidity levels at 30-70%. Uniform attention to cleanliness, while hospital-grade disinfectants keep areas spotless and “flea-free”. Commercial-style laundry facilities produce fresh and sanitary, bedding and towels.

The facility boasts redundant exit doors and five & six foot (buried) fencing to ensure our guests remain on the premises. Alarm and key-pad entry systems also help ensure pet safety while video surveillance systems monitor and record the grounds for an uncompromised, safe environment. The Village Groomer & Animal Inn, Inc. delivers maximum comfort and maximum safety – in all seasons.

Our staff consists of responsible, devoted and detail-oriented animal care professionals – each trained to offer unparalleled customer service and animal care expertise. As members the Pet Care Services Association (formerly the ABKA), we abide by a Code of Ethics and a Pet’s Bill of Rights to conduct business according to the highest professional and business standards.